We install roofing systems that carry warranties up to 30 years with no dollar limits for:

Roof Systems – One Stop Service

ABC Roofing means one-stop service. We install, maintain and repair low-slope roofs as well as steep-slope roofs for commercial applications. For decades, building owners in Portland, Vancouver, Oregon, and Washington have relied on us for complete new and existing roof service.

Asphalt Built-Up Roofs

We apply multiple layers of reinforcing material (typically fiberglass), asphalt (aka bitumen) and a UV-deflecting finish surface such as gravel, decorative rock, mineral surface sheets or coatings.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

This system is identical to an asphalt built-up roof system, except that the asphalt is enhanced with plastic or rubber to increase elasticity. One popular choice involves adding Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) sheets to the system for a finished roof that is able to flex and recover better than asphalt alone.

Single-Ply Membrane Roofs

This single-layer roof can be made from a number of elastic materials that primarily fall under two main categories: 1) thermoplastics (such as TPO and PVC) and 2) synthetic rubbers (such as EPDM, CSPE and Neoprene). Our membrane systems are highly flexible and resistant to UV radiation.

Roof Surveys & Maintenance Forecasting

We provide the prevention you need by providing an initial roof survey and then performing annual or bi-annual maintenance. This enables you to forecast and budget roof maintenance needs accurately. You get, at no charge:
– Roof drawings
– Detailed diagrams of current and potential roof maintenance issues
– A list of issues and a recommended timeline for repair or replacement
– A repair/replacement budget

Steep-Slope Roofs

ABC Roofing is your solution for steep roofs. We can install the following types of roofing material to match architectural styles and owners’ wishes. These include:
– Asphalt Shingle
– Cedar Shingle
– Metal Shingle

Emergency Leak Repair

Call us. We’ll be there fully equipped to repair nearly any type of roof leak. Both commercial and industrial customers have fast, expert protection against leaks that can cause major damage.

Tenant Improvement Services

Properly sealing added structures or equipment such as mechanical or plumbing penetrations that you or your tenants add is a job for ABC Roofing experts. We repair and seal these roof additions to stop water infiltration and ensure that roof integrity is not compromised.